Make sure you have all the required modules before running the tests (modules that are only needed for tests are not included during installation):

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Now run the unit tests and print out code coverage with pytest:

$ python -m pytest --cov=anonlinkclient

Note several tests will be skipped by default. To enable the tests which interact with an entity service set the TEST_ENTITY_SERVICE environment variable to the target service’s address:

$ TEST_ENTITY_SERVICE= INCLUDE_CLI= python -m pytest --cov=anonlinkclient

Type Checking

anonlink-client uses static typechecking with mypy. To run the type checker (in Python 3.5 or later):

$ pip install mypy
$ mypy anonlinkclient --ignore-missing-imports --strict-optional --no-implicit-optional --disallow-untyped-calls


The anonlink command line tool can be frozen into an exe using PyInstaller:

pyinstaller cli.spec

Look for anonlink.exe in the dist directory.